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I want to buy a Season Ticket for the first time. What do I do?

Please visit tickets.london-irish.com and click the ‘Create Account’ button. Select ‘2020/21 Season Ticket’ and choose the block you wish to sit in. Select your desired seats and click ‘Add to shopping basket’. Click the ‘Assign Tickets’ button in the bottom right to assign each Season Ticket to a person (the account holder will be there by default. If you are buying multiple Season Tickets, you will need to add a new supporter and enter their details.)

Select your payment method and then proceed to checkout.

I am a Season Ticket holder at the Madejski Stadium. How do I renew my Season Ticket at the Brentford Community Stadium?

Please visit tickets.london-irish.com. As this is a new ticketing platform, you will need to reset your password to access your account. Please click on the ‘Reset Password’ button which will allow you to reset your password, once you have received the reset password email. The email prompting you to reset your password can take up to 30 minutes and don’t forget to check your junk folder.

If there is more than one account registered under your email address, you will receive a ‘Reset Password’ email for each account.

If somebody else purchased your Season Ticket on your behalf, and therefore your own email address is not connected to your current Season Ticket account, the ‘Reset Password’ email may go to a secure London Irish email address.

You can find your Supporter ID number on your 2019/20 Season Ticket. It is the seven digit number after ‘LIR_’ next to ‘Member ID’. Please note, ‘LIR_’ is not part of your Supporter ID. If you are struggling to find your Supporter ID, please email [email protected].

What are the features of the Platinum category?

Platinum seats are padded and have access to the Dugout bar on level one. This is where the club intend hold The Craic after the game with live music and player Q&A’s. The Dugout bar will be private for Platinum Season Ticket holders only before the match, and open to the everyone after the match (subject to capacity). Platinum Season Ticket holders are the only supporters with guaranteed and direct access to The Craic. Concourse style food will be available to purchase in the Dugout bar.

Adult tickets in Platinum are £585 and concession tickets are £525. There are no child or junior tickets in Platinum.

What are the features of Ticket +?

Ticket + seats are padded and have access to the Legends lounge on level two with pitch views. Access to the Legends lounge is exclusively for Ticket + holders before and after the game. Pub style food options will be available to purchase on the day or seasonally. Seasonal food purchasers will have a reserved table and other seating will be available on a first come first served basis.

Season Tickets in Ticket + are £585 and there is no concession, child or junior price.

Platinum (S103, S104, S105)

Ticket + (S201, S202)

Level 1 - Lower vantage point, behind the dugouts

Level 2 - Higher vantage point

Padded seats

Padded seats

Located on the halfway line / 22m line

Located on the 10m line / try line

Exclusive access to the Dugout bar before the game

Exclusive access to the Legends bar before and after the game

Dugout bar – private, tables and barstools, concourse style food options available to purchase, no windows or pitch views

Legends lounge – private, pub style food options available to purchase on the day or seasonally*, window with pitch views

Direct and guaranteed access to the Dugout after the game where ‘The Craic’ will be held with live music and post-match Q&A

No direct access to ‘The Craic’ in the Dugout bar after the game, but nearby.


What are the additional benefits of a Season Ticket?

  • Free Club Membership worth £40, including benefits such as:
    - Entry into the international ticket ballot
    - Priority access to buy additional tickets
    - Retail offers
    - Invitation to members events
    - Free member gift
  • Ticket transfer system for games you can’t attend
  • Ticket re-sale via StubHub
  • Two free tickets for family and friends
  • Free entry to home Premiership Shield fixtures
  • Free entry to home pre-season friendly fixture

Is the whole stadium open?

All four stands of the stadium will be open, but the upper tiers of the East and West blocks will not be on sale for Season Tickets.

Will there be a supporter bar?

We will be bringing The Craic to Brentford!

The Craic will be hosted in the Dugout bar in the South Stand and will be open to everyone after the game (subject to capacity). There will be live music and player Q&A’s.

Is there a family area?

Yes, Family Season Tickets (two adult and two concession tickets) are available in the North East and North West corners of the stadium. The club intends to have pre-match activities for youngsters and families in the area behind the North Stand.

How do I book a Family Ticket?

On the ticketing site, please select blocks W131 or E117 (North East and North West corners). Select four adjacent seats - each will show up as £162.50. Proceed to payment as normal.

Each family member will be issued with an individual Season Ticket card depending on their age and relevant price category.

What are the Season Ticket age bands?

Adult: 24 to 64

Concession: Aged 18 to 24 and over 65

Junior: 12 to 17

Child: 11 and under

Babes in arms go free

Do disabled supporters receive a complimentary Season Ticket for a carer?

Yes, disabled supporters will receive a complimentary Season Ticket for their carer.

How do I book a complimentary Season Ticket for my carer?

When purchasing your disabled Season Ticket online, you can book using Seat Map or Price Category.

If you are using Seat Map, select one of the blocks that contain disabled seats (blue on the venue map - please refer to blocks below). Be sure to select two adjacent seats, one for the disabled Season Ticket and one for the complimentary carer Season Ticket. You will only be charged for one Season Ticket. If you do not select two adjacent seats, the system will not let you continue and prompt you to go back and add another seat.

If you are using Price Category, scroll down until you see the Disabled options and, next to the relevant category, select ‘2’ from the drop down menu under ‘Quantity’. You will only be charged for one Season Ticket.

When purchasing your Season Ticket online, select ‘2’ from the dropdown menu under ‘quantity’ - the price will remain the same.

Where are disabled seats situated?

The seating areas for disabled supporters are in the following areas:

Gold: Block S102 (South Stand)

Green: Blocks W135, W134 and W133 (West Stand), E112, E113, E115 (East Stand)
Red: Block W136 (West Stand), Block E111 (East Stand), Block E116 (East Stand), Block N127 (North Stand)
Orange: Block W136, Block E111 (East Stand), Block N120 (North Stand)

Family: Block W131 (North West Corner), and Block E117 (North East Corner)

Who qualifies for a disabled Season Ticket?

The following categories:

  • Middle or Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)
  • War Disabled Pension
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI 2003)
  • Enhanced Rate PIP for the Daily Living Component, or Standard or Mobility Component

You will be asked to email a proof of ID to [email protected]

Will there be disabled parking?

There is limited disabled parking on-site at the stadium, and the club will provide additional disabled parking facilities nearby which may include a shuttle bus service. The club is in the process of finalising details and will publish more information as soon as it is confirmed.

Disabled seasonal parking permits will be available to purchase in due course.

What are the London Irish Ticket Office hours?

The London Irish ticketing team will be available Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. If you have an enquiry, please email [email protected] and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

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