London Irish have teamed up with Below the Belt Grooming – a male skincare brand that specialises in keeping your balls fresh and dry – to give away 4 tickets to the London Irish v Ealing Trailfinders game on Saturday 27 April.

To enter, simply visit their website by clicking here.

Here’s a bit about Below the Belt Grooming:

How many of us take care of our crown jewels? Below the Belt Grooming have shaken things up with a range of skincare products formulated to keep your balls fresh, dry and clean – replacing the messy plumes of talc and quick spray of deodorant (oweeee!) you’ve come to use. That’s right fellas, there are other ways to feel fresh and dry in the trouser department.

Adding Fresh and Dry Balls into your daily grooming regime is a wise way to go. A two birds one stone job – freshens and keeps you dry all day, which can only be a good thing.

How to introduce Fresh and Dry Balls into your morning grooming routine: Whenever you use anti-perspirant under your arms, apply Below the Belt Fresh and Dry Balls to your balls. It’s a gel formula, created to keep your balls and groin area fresh and dry – perfect after a shower. It’s easily absorbed, no mess, and dries to a silky fine layer.

And for the Sunday league stars that hate chafing? Use a dollop of clear Sports Lubricant before or after sport to put a stop to rubbing, for a comfortable, chafe free game.

Tickets for the London Irish v Ealing Trailfinders game are available from or by calling 0118 968 1016.


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