With rugby currently off the agenda, a London Irish volunteer programme has been set up to provide support to elderly and vulnerable residents in the Spelthorne Borough council community.

Will Crowley-Johnson and his team has instigated the volunteer programme and is working with Spelthorne council to ensure the most vulnerable in the community are looked after during these unprecedented times.

In the first week, volunteers have collected shopping, medication and prescriptions for individuals that are most at risk and advised to stay at home.

The London Irish volunteers are happy to be using the time they have available to support people that are most in need and have been liaising with local officers to get in touch directly with vulnerable residents.

Will Crowley Johnson said: “there have been lots of stories within local communities to come out of this pandemic we are currently living in, and it is great to see people supporting each other in a time of need.

“My working week is usually dictated match-by-match, so it is refreshing to take a step away from rugby to help and support residents. It’s nice to be able check in with people to see how they are doing and provide them with assistance throughout these times.

“If you know of anyone in the community that needs shopping collected or just support, please do get in touch and we will try and help in any way we can.”

CEO of the Voluntary Support North Surrey, Solette Sheppardson said: “It is fantastic to have Will and the London Irish volunteers supporting our vulnerable and elderly residents in Spelthorne during this time. Nothing has been too much trouble and we have had wonderful feedback from the individuals supported.

“The true community spirit has really come to the surface and in supporting those most at threat, it alleviates the pressures or risks of them having to leave their homes.”

For more information and to get in contact, please email [email protected]


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