Week seven has witnessed the #PoweringTheNHS team go past 30,000 meal deliveries to hospitals and care homes across London and the Thames Valley.

Over 5,000 meals were prepared by volunteers for the third week in a row as the team consisting of helpers from London Irish, Powerday and Hazelwood fuel the NHS nurses, doctors and care workers with nourishing meals.

Sonia Bosher along with daughter Freya, 14 are two volunteers who have really enjoyed the chance of offering their help in the kitchen.

“We have all been touched by the great work of the NHS” said Sonia.

“We have got friends and family working for the NHS and indeed very close friends that have been in hospital, and they have received great service from the NHS staff, so this is our small bit to help in keeping them going.”

Freya is juggling volunteering with her home school studies.

“In the Easter holidays I was here every day, but now I’m only in a couple of days a week, its manageable, I just do schoolwork a little bit later in the evenings.”

Emma Ryan is in her final year at Loughborough University and continuing her studies remotely online.

“I was keen to do my bit to assist however I could during this crisis. I have a close connection to London Irish and when I found out what they were doing, I thought it would be a great way to support the NHS and everything they are doing.”

Bill Pulling of London Irish got involved, once on furlough, after seeing the project across social media. “Being able to get in the kitchen with chef Bogdan is great and he has been teaching me new things that I can take home and use in my kitchen.

“There has also been some great feedback from the NHS staff receiving the food saying that they are loving the meals, so it is brilliant to be supporting them out in a small way.”

London Irish Office Manager Jackie Roy is proud of the team’s efforts in providing 30,000 meals. Jackie has assisted with meal preparation, chopping up numerous vegetables.

“Like everyone has said, the NHS are doing so much and to be able to help has been very rewarding. It’s just great to support them during their time of need.”

To keep up to date with the campaign follow powering_the_nhs on Instagram.


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