This week has seen the total number of meals delivered to NHS doctors, nurses and care workers surpass the 40,000 mark, as volunteers again clubbed together to prepare and deliver more than 5,000 meals.

Chef Bogan Konecki, Hazelwood Manager Fiona McHugh and Team Manager Alex James continue to work tirelessly in the kitchen with the support of many volunteers from Powerday, Hazelwood and London Irish.

Max Bosher, 17, is a year 12 student at St Paul’s Catholic College and has joined his mum Sonia and sister Freya in supporting the initiative.

When I ask Max why he is offering his time to the cause he jokingly replies, “my mum was volunteering and made me come down and support!

“No in all seriousness its been great to come and help, especially now as it is half-term. We are living in an extraordinary period and this has shown how times can change so quickly, so it is nice to be able to offer some support as part of this amazing effort.


London Irish Academy Administrator, Carrie Exworth has a couple of reasons why she has decided to volunteer for the campaign.

“Seeing the club come together as a team to do something great for the NHS and the community is amazing, and for me, living locally, meant it was easy to come in and help out.

“Personally a relative of mine was looked after in ICU during this period of time and seeing what the medical team were doing for him gave me that drive to give back and say thank you for all they did.”

This is another example of the personal impact this virus has had and for Carrie a powerful reason and motivation to do what she can to support the NHS.

It has also been a chance for Carrie to hone new cooking proficiencies and techniques.

“I’ve learnt new knife skills from chef Bogdan that I didn’t have before. It has helped when it has come to chopping the swedes which is definitely the hardest job and the one to avoid if possible.”

Carrie had the opportunity to deliver to Frimley Park and Royal Berkshire Hospital last week which really brought home how the hospital environment is so different, as she explains.

“At Frimley Park you pull up outside the front and you can see the entrance to A&E and it immediately hits you at that point because you can see doctors and nurses on the doors, which you didn’t have before, and there were a lot of people in face masks. It is a quick hand over of the meals and then on our way to avoid being disruptive.

“The gratitude the staff show us is amazing and it is nice to say hello and meet the people that these meals are going to.”

To keep up to date with the campaign follow @powering_the_nhs on Instagram.

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