Made of the many … one Exile Nation.

A simple message – but one that means so much.

Our European kit for the 2021/22 season is the epitome of wearing our heart on our sleeves – a jersey made of the many, brought together by the idea of the Exile Nation.

The shirt encapsulates our dynamic ambition for the future, embodying the depth of cultural and personal heritage that we, the Exile Nation, are built upon.

Our identities, partnerships, nations, cultures and personalities are what make the Exile Nation so special – and it’s showcased in all its glory in this unique kit.

The electric neon green supercharges the jersey, while the Exile Nation rip – a feature of this campaign to date – adorns the front lower half of the shirt and shows that the Exile Nation is within us all.

The unique pattern of individual flags, all crafted within the frame of the Exile Nation logo, champion the nations our team call home, whilst also signifying the different cultures and backgrounds of all that makeup the Exile Nation.

Within the flags you’ll see the Bee - a respectful nod to Brentford – the Irish shamrock and more conceptual flags to highlight the value of individual difference that underpin our Exile Nation.

Made from the beauty that diversity and inclusivity bring to a team, whether on the pitch or through our fan base, the kit will be worn for the first time when Declan Kidney’s side host Brive in the European Challenge Cup on Sunday 19th December.

On that day, replica Euro jerseys will also be available to purchase at the Brentford Community Stadium from the London Irish retail unit.

In the meantime, you can also choose to order online.*

Adult - £60 – click HERE

Kids - £40 – click HERE

Made of the many … one Exile Nation!

*Please note, due to the proximity to Christmas, delivery is not guaranteed before December 25th.

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