The Club can confirm that the London Irish medical department will be using PolarCap to help with concussion symptoms.

PolarCap is a medical device that has been trialled in ice hockey and has had some encouraging results so far, shown from a 5-year study recently published by the Journal of Neurotrauma. The device is a cooling cap that the players place on their head immediately post-concussion to reduce their brain temperature, with the aim of reducing the chances of the player experiencing long term symptoms and improving their prognosis post-injury.

“In our ongoing establishment on the British market, it is now gratifying that we have received our first agreement within Premiership Rugby,” said Erik Andersson, PolarCool’s CEO.

“We notice that the wish for solutions regarding the problems with head injuries in the rugby world are large. The fact that the sport has many practitioners and clubs, both in Europe and in the world, makes this market very interesting for PolarCool.

“With more and more clubs starting to provide PolarCap to their players we envisage an accelerating establishment in this market segment alongside establishing PolarCap® in other sports in the UK.”

“The treatment and management of concussions is of the upmost importance to us here at London Irish,” said Brian O’Leary, Head of Performance.

“We have reviewed the scientific evidence based on the PolarCap® System and we are encouraged to use and evaluate the device and offer improved medical treatment for our players who may suffer a concussion.”


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