This break from the end of season to the new season seems like it's never going to end, but hey we are not too far away. NO more shopping trips with my mum on a Saturday baaahhh, no more washing her car for a fiver baaahhh, no more REVISION, yessssss my GCSEs are all over. Time to get back on the plane and off to Heathrow and back to see my team again, well the majority of them which is good news for a change.

New training ground, new players, new kit, new owners, NO HUFF!! Well you can’t have everything I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, I do like music, girls, going out, as any teenager does, but London Irish has been a big part of my life over the past four years and there are a few things that I will always remember on my visits to the Madejski Stadium.

My first memories at London Irish was watching and meeting players like the Armitage Brothers, Mapusua, Elvis, Big Faan, BIG BOB CASEY, I used to actually sit and wait to shout that out when the team was announced, Nick Kennedy, Dodge, Max the BEEF Lahiff. These were the players that got me so into coming back for more. I was also very lucky later on to meet Ian Humphreys, James O’Connor and Joe Ansbro thanks to the Club. I also got to meet Sa, YES he was real and to see CJ well for about 10 minutes anyway. I hope they kept the receipts for their kit as I am sure they could get a refund (sorry a wee bit of dry Irish humour).

Best highlights for me over the years are Halani scoring tries like a winger, seeing Guy coming back from Toulon, Topsy every time he gets the ball, Huff getting through a whole game without a card, Paicey the smallest man on the field knocking ten Bells out of the biggest (Jim Hamilton) man on the field, well he did have a little help from a few others. This is still my favourite YouTube clip, next to Tuilagi knocking out Chris Ashton. Beating Stade Francais in Reading and going to Paris the following week. Me and my Dad have also been lucky to sponsor Andrew Fenby last season, hopefully the big man will dig deep again this season again and sponsor Andy again. What a really nice guy and a great player and it was wonderful to see him finishing the season as he did.


I have made lots of friends at London Irish within the club and with many of the supporters and I cannot wait to get back to see them all again. Ray Diver, Colin, Mad Monk, Dave and the Family, Mad Viv and her Husband and the lovely couple we met in Paris last year who always make a point of saying hello on match days. The official LI Photographer who always comes to say hello at every match and of course Chloe Bray who has made so many things happen for me at the club over the last few years. Sorry I am starting to well up here (sorry dry Irish humour again). This is going to be a great season this year I can feel it, and can’t wait to be a part of it. I was 16 in June so this season’s season ticket is a little bit more money but it is worth every penny of my Dads money I reckon. See you in Grenoble if you are going.




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