Completed Netflix? Smashed all your gym goals? Need something new in your life? How about giving London Irish’s 2021/22 Subscription service a try? #JustTryIt!

A first in professional rugby, our 2021/22 Subscription option provides supporters with a new option of watching elite-level professional sport at the Brentford Community Stadium at an affordable entry point.

Starting from as little as £30 per month for adults and £9 per month for children, the brand-new Subscription service allows supporters to pay monthly – giving you access to every regular season home league and Cup fixtures at a fixed monthly cost, depending on your chosen ticket category.

Subscriptions are available in all areas of the ground (excluding hospitality), and subscribers will receive the same benefits as Season Ticket holders, including access to Club and partner discounts, entry into international ticket ballots and invitations to Members’ events.

The subscription rolls on continuously until you decide to cancel, so there’s no need to renew each year. If the Club chooses to amend the price of the Season Ticket, you’ll receive plenty of advance notice.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice, removing the commitment of buying a full Season Ticket. Subscriptions also have the added flexibility of easily swapping seats or stands for different games. You can also pass on your subscription to a friend for matches you can’t attend!

It really is that simple! Give it a go, #JustTryIt!


Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum term for a subscription is two months from the date of purchase. After two months, a subscription holder can cancel their subscription at any time.
  • To cancel a subscription, supporters must contact the London Irish ticketing team by emailing [email protected] or calling 01932 750138. One month’s notice must be given in order to cancel a subscription.
  • The first payment is made on the day you create the subscription and further payments will be taken on the same date of the month thereafter. Your subscription is connected to a payment card where a fixed amount is automatically deducted monthly.
  • The Club reserves the right to increase / decrease your monthly payments in line with changes in Season Ticket price. If this is the case, supporters will be given plenty of notice about the price change and the opportunity to serve notice to cancel their subscription in advance of the price change.
  • Subscriptions will automatically roll over between seasons unless a supporter serves notice to cancel their subscription, meaning there is no need to go through the renewal process every season.
  • At the point of purchasing their subscription, supporters will select a particular price category (Ticket +, Platinum, Gold, Green, Red, Orange or Family). When a fixture goes on sale, supporters will log on to their ticketing account and select their seat for that fixture from within the category they have subscribed to. This allows supporters the flexibility to change seats and stands from match to match. At this point, additional match tickets may be purchased for family and friends next to the subscribers chosen seat.
  • It is the subscription holder’s responsibility to book their seat for each fixture.
  • Subscription holders will have priority access to choose their seat a week ahead of general sale, and can choose their seat right up until the day of the match, although it is advised to book seats as soon as possible to have the most choice of where to sit.
  • Once a seat has been selected for a particular fixture, the match ticket will be emailed to the subscriber as a digital ticket or accessible via the London Irish App.
  • If a subscriber is unable to attend a fixture, supporters can lend their subscription to someone else. The subscription holder must still log on and select a seat for that fixture, and once the digital ticket has been received this can be transferred to a friend or family member.
  • Supporters are not entitled to a refund for games they are unable to attend.
  • Supporters should note that full Season Tickets are non refundable.

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