The London Irish Foundation have launched the new ‘B.E.A.T the Street’ programme to help people affected by homelessness. 

The course integrates physical activity, through rugby and gym work, and life skills workshops. The workshops touch upon a variety of topics, including money management, addictions and recovery, emotional wellbeing, tenancy sustainability, cooking classes, CV writing and interview skills.

One of the main aspects of B.E.A.T the Street is to create a safe environment to address mental health issues and to help work towards stable futures for the participants.

“We’ve had workshops on mental health, that’s a really important part of the programme” said Toby, B.E.A.T the Street participant.

“From that, we have moved onto getting back into rugby and working on the basics. This is a fantastic opportunity to get fit with a host opportunities at the end of the course and they are a great group of people.”

At the end of the course, local businesses from a variety of job sectors will be invited to a Careers Fair to offer part-time, full-time or volunteer opportunities to those involved.

“This programme enables the Foundation to provide opportunities to influence positive change within the community” said Joseph Pegg, inclusion lead.

“The course has been running for four weeks now and we have already seen the participants demonstrate key skills that will help them transition towards a brighter future.”

For more information, or to see how you can get involved, please email [email protected]


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