This week saw a significant milestone for a key member of the London Irish organisation. Head of Operations, Kelly Adey, marked her 20-year anniversary working for the Exiles, after joining as an Administration Assistant in 2000 and has since risen through the ranks to become an integral part of the club.

Kelly began her journey with London Irish at the beginning of the club’s tenure at the Madejski Stadium and has worked in a number of roles over the last two decades, resulting in an unrivalled knowledge of the club.

As the club now embarks on their next chapter in West London, Kelly has progressed to the senior management team and is heading up the complex operational elements of the stadium move, whilst simultaneously leading on match day delivery, acting as the London Irish COVID Manager and looking after several day-to-day aspects of the running of the club.

All those who know Kelly will testify to her endless work ethic, willingness to help others and upbeat attitude that make it no surprise she has advanced to her current standing within the organisation and a valued member of the club.

Kelly is well known and liked by supporters and Season Ticket holders, who know they can always to go her with any question or issue, no matter how small. Of the hundreds of players and staff that have come and gone during Kelly’s term at the Exiles, all will have fond memories of working alongside her with many remaining in touch.

It is evident through Kelly’s attitude towards her work that for her, London Irish is far more than just a job, a key reason as to why she has stuck around for so long.

“I think you get caught up in a spirit of a place” said Kelly. 

“Being part of a club and the feeling that you are part of a family here is hugely important. Although we have had lots of different people come through the club, there are also a lot of people that have been here the whole time that I have been here, and the family nature has always been apparent.

“Prior to having the kids, we travelled to nearly all the away games and one season we actually did every away game, Newcastle included. My family are all interested in it, my kids and husband, my parents, my nephew, so it has become something that is a real part of our lives and not just a job I go to and come home from and forget about. It is far more than that.”

“Kelly has shown tremendous dedication to London Irish over the last 20 years” said Brian Facer, Chief Executive.

“Her work-ethic and passion for the club is truly outstanding and on behalf of the club, I would like to thank her for everything that she has done.”

“Kelly is playing a key role in our move to the Brentford Community Stadium next season and has been at the forefront of the preparations for the restart of rugby. Her role is more important than ever, and we are proud to have her as an employee and as a big part of the London Irish family.”

Everyone at London Irish would like to thank Kelly for her hard work and dedication over the last 20 years and congratulate her on the landmark anniversary. Kelly truly embodies the values that make London Irish special – hard work, loyalty and great craic. Here’s to the next 20!

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