Tickets for the St. Patrick’s Party are going fast, with current pricing at the Advanced stage.

This means that ticket prices start from £20 for adults and £5 for kids for the spectacle of the year at the Gtech Community Stadium – an absolute bargain!

This category of pricing will run until the 27th February, at which point tickets will be priced at the Standard Category A match rate.

The cornerstone matchday in the Exiles’ calendar will return for the best guaranteed entertainment, with live music, food & drink and craic-ing rugby!


Planning to attend with your family, a group of friends or having your work day out?

Group bookings of 10 or more adults are entitled to a 20% discount for all general admission tickets.

Please contact [email protected] to claim this discount, and for more information. 

Your seats at the Gtech await! Click here.

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