Time for a catch-up. Ollie Hoskins chatted over the phone about what he’s up to during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Ollie spoke of how the transition from training to home-life has been something new to get used to.

“I’m in my apartment with my fiancé and it’s different! It’s tough as rugby and exercise are two of my favourite things, so it’s been a tough pill to swallow to have them taken away, but totally understand the need for it. 

“I’m just trying to keep in a routine. I’m in my last semester of a Psychology and Counselling degree and I’m due to finish in June which is exciting.”

Feeling that routine is key and Ollie’s making sure he’s staying productive and keeping busy.

“I’m trying to get a sweat on every day, whether it’s push ups in the kitchen or squats in the living room. That, along with making sure I’m being productive with university work. 

“It’s easy to feel like you’re not really doing anything productive when you’re sat watching Netflix! As long as I’m doing a bit of exercise and getting work done every day, then I can feel like I’ve achieved something.”

The prop forward spoke of how important it’s been for him and his fellow London Irish players to talk daily, checking in on each other and doing things online together.

“We have a group chat with all the boys in and we speak every day. There’s a few of us that play Fortnite, too! We’re all likeminded people, we’re competitive, we love exercise and being around each other, it’s one of the best parts about what we do.

“Now that’s been taken away from us, we’re checking in on each other all of the time. We do skype sessions and catch ups over the phone. We’re very lucky with technology that we’re able to stay in touch so much.”

And down time? Ollie and his fiancé have been enjoying some baking…

“We go and do our big shop once a week and make sure we’re safe doing so. 

“We bake and are trying to keep it as low calorie as possible! We made avocado and cacoa brownies, lemon drizzle cake, I’m really enjoying it.”

Stay Safe

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